III. Your Story Can Change The World

The Agency’s objective is to be the world’s first decentralized metaverse media.

Play Different

You’ll earn a fat bag of $AGENCY as reward for hodling in degen cryptid Missions and WAGMI –Ser! Wen Hollymoon? LFG!!!!!!!
heart rocket moon werewolf rocket 100% dragon fire

Empowering Agents with $AGENCY!

  • The Agency is a place where Agents meet, interact, and collaborate on the broader lore and mythology of Crypto-Z.
  • Missions are led by Special Agents. High-impact content productions, like a TV pilot, are led by top talent and pros. Special Agents will have a mandate and will lead their teams in a traditional top-down and centralized fashion.
  • Special Agents will have community trust and an allocated budget voted on by the Agent community at large.
  • Special Agents will be based on the Crypto-Z lore, mythology, characters –including character Agents themselves– and storylines created by the Agent community.

Your story and your ideas can truly change the world of Crypto-Z.

Wen Hollywood?

How it works?

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The Agency

The Agency

Crypto-Z is a sci-fi metaverse community that explores this gray area between contemporary science and the supernatural. https://discord.gg/mU3aRrU7b5