III. Your Story Can Change The World

The Agency
4 min readFeb 11, 2022

It can also provide you with $AGENCY!

The Agency’s objective is to be the world’s first decentralized metaverse media.

Crypto-Z is in its early stages, and yet a premier Hollywood studio already took notice and our series prototype has already been downloaded +350k times. We know it works and how to make it great. That’s huge.

Our vision for The Agency is to be an entertainment production studio in which, for the first time ever, everyone in the production and development chain have aligned incentives: the success of the Agency itself. This would be a breath of fresh air in the entertainment industry at large and a revolutionary new proposition for likeminded creative talent and audiences.

However, this is the long term destination. The real adventure is our journey to get there and we imagine this journey to be as fun and as exciting as the goal itself.

In a metaversal and web3.0 fashion, the story of the Agency will be told by the Agents. Decentralization empowers Agents to be not only the hero of their own story, but also play a role in the broader Crypto-Z narrative.

Let’s dive into it!

Play Different

Creating a Crypto-Z Agent NFT is an invitation to play, to be creative, and to tell stories. Crypto-Z Agents are invited to develop their character, the lore and mythology behind true and verifiable creatures of legends from all over the world.

In web3.0 terms that means… please close your eyes 🙈

[beginning of translation]

You’ll earn a fat bag of $AGENCY as reward for hodling in degen cryptid Missions and WAGMI –Ser! Wen Hollymoon? LFG!!!!!!!
heart rocket moon werewolf rocket 100% dragon fire

[end of translation]

Empowering Agents with $AGENCY!

Our best Agents will join Missions created by the Agency and get a chance to appear in official content and maybe appear on the big screen.

The Agency’s job is to give our community of Agents the right tools to engage in a fun and collaborative way with the lore and mythology of Crypto-Z. The Agency’s daily goal is to help Agents live their adventures to the fullest.

If that sounds abstract it is partly because we have yet to unveil what we have currently in development. But here is what any aspiring Crypto-Z Agent should know:

A few things to look out for on the roadmap!

  • The Agency is a place where Agents meet, interact, and collaborate on the broader lore and mythology of Crypto-Z.
  • Missions are led by Special Agents. High-impact content productions, like a TV pilot, are led by top talent and pros. Special Agents will have a mandate and will lead their teams in a traditional top-down and centralized fashion.
  • Special Agents will have community trust and an allocated budget voted on by the Agent community at large.
  • Special Agents will be based on the Crypto-Z lore, mythology, characters –including character Agents themselves– and storylines created by the Agent community.

Your story and your ideas can truly change the world of Crypto-Z.

Wen Hollywood?

The Agency recognizes the need to recruit and delegate the execution of high-value complex projects to highly talented teams working under the direction of a top executive Special Agent.

Leading a mission will be hard work and the Special Agents in charge will need all of your support. That means voting, participating, and most importantly encouraging Agents who are active behind the scened.

Community support is the most empowering feeling and will be truly gamechanger for creators.

How it works?

1 — Crypto-Z Agents generate ideas…

2 — A proposal is created by a Special Agent and voted on by the community…

3 — When the production is fully funded, it starts and…

4 — Mission accomplished – We share it with the rest of the world!

That’s it in a nutshell. Each Crypto-Z Mission will likely have its own tokeneconomic and reward participation system. Agents will be given opportunities to level-up in the ranks of the Agency.

Interested in hearing more?

Here are a few links to get started:

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The Agency

The Agency is the official story dao of Crypto-Z - an X-Files meets Jurrassic Park web3 franchise you can join as a secret Agent. Launching Soon. ⬇