I. The metaverse shouldn’t be a game you play but an adventure you live!

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4 min readFeb 3, 2022

Web 3.0 is the opportunity for us to become the imaginative and story-driven creatures we are meant to be.

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We hear and read a lot about the metaverse and it seems that the term is referring almost always to the single same thing: the platforms that will generate the architectural world or the digital space. In other word the container not the actual content (aka Decentraland, Sandbox and so on).

But ultimately people really want what’s in the box not the box itself. And like any other platform, players will come to the space for the stories and the experiences that can be had on them.

Crypto-Z is the first story-driven metaverse with an established lore and IP.

While metaverse platforms are likely to play a big role in the coming months or years, for metaversal communities the only truly necessary platforms are the blockchains themselves.
The metaverse is already here and is larger than any platfrom. Just like nations are larger than their physical territory.

A nation has a culture, often multiple languages, and can exert influence far beyond their borders. Just look at restaurants, movies, games, museums, products etc… They spread around the world, start conversations, create opportunities and contribute to the image of the nation. Culture not only culture has no border, but it is also the most powerful asset a nation really has.

Entertainment industries play a large role in how culture is shared, commoditized and leveraged by nations against each other. Entertainment is soft power and that is why all governments try to regulate it, using tools like censorship and Intellectual Property (IP) laws.

Entertainment companies compete with each other for IP ownership and exclusive deals, because it drives users adoption and market shares. It will be interesting to watch how metaverse platforms will compete on that front.

Beyond graphic performances and token incentives, it most likely will come down to “IP” ownership and “exclusive” experiences.

The future is bright for creators that focus on developing fictional worlds, stories and experiences for the metaverse. And could be even brighter if IPs become themselves the community! That is the very question the Crypto-Z Agency is working to answer:

The metaverse shouldn’t be a game you play, it should be an adventure you live!

Crypto-Z Nation

Can Web 3.0 communities, often likened to small “nations”, be trusted with IP development and leveraging those cultural assets to create new content, products for its community, and beyond? Could a DAO exert the same level of attraction and love that countries and nations have around the world?
Yes, if they have a good story to tell. Storytelling could very well be the next competitive frontier for Web 3.0 communities and their best long term strategy.

Solving the Web 3.0 storytelling creative puzzle is what we at Crypto-Z are all about!

Crypto-Z is the first (and maybe the only) traditional and established fictional world to become a true web 3.0 community with the ambition to place the community at the center of its own lore and mythology.

Each member has their own meta-character in the world of Crypto-Z and will participate, in-character, to enlarging and deepening the community’s own universe.

Helping Crypto-Z become its own nation that turns fiction into reality is, in essence, the core of the Crypto-Z adventure!

The metaverse is already here!

All we have to do is claim it!

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We believe storytelling and creativity should be the center of the metaverse (otherwise what’s the point?). This is the purpose of the Crypto-Z Agency and in this series of posts we will lay out both our thinking and strategy to make it a reality.



The Agency

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