Halloween Free Mint–Oct 30th

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3 min readOct 28, 2022

Stingy Jack, a trick or treat NFT & cautionary tale

HALLOWEEN is fast approaching and we are observing an uptick in “unknown creature activity”. Early reports suggest that this Halloween might be particularly rich in horror stories!

Encounter incoming —NFT DROP – October 30th, 2022–12:00am


Stingy Jack is a storytelling NFT commenting Creator Sovereignty over their own work and smart contract.

Jack’s NFT is a standard ERC1155 (created with Manifold ). It’s Free to mint, although Jack won’t pay for gaz fee. So far so good. A rumour is spreading that Stingy Jack intends to carve for himself an abherrant slice of royalties!

🎃 NFTs are FREE to MINT for 72 HOURS ONLY
🎃 He has set an OUTRAGEOUS 80% creator royalty on all secondary sale
🎃 SPOILER ALERT (Jack might get TRICKED!)
🎃 crypto-z.com
🎃 LENS — @crypto-z.lens

We have reasons to believe that a hominid called JACK O’LANTERN also known as “STINGY JACK” might drop on October 30th, 2020 at 12 AM for a very limited time only. If the stories are true, Stingy Jack is a nasty little pumpkin. Maybe the most ABHORENT NFT to ever exist.While our analysts explain that his plans are in fact totally inoffensive and BOUND TO FAIL, Stingy Jack remains without a doubt meanly-spirited and revengeful…

Luckily, Stingy Jack doesn’t know his plans are BOUND TO FAIL.

Despite being coded on-chain on the smart contract itself we have reasons to believe that Jack’s stinginess might not affect you at all! Fortunately most marketplaces are completely oblivious to on-chain creator split and overule them. Stingy Jack didn’t realize he needs permission to it pull-off.

Will you TRICK Stingy Jack?

Sell Jack on OpenSea and by bypass any on-chain royalty Jack has set for himself. Instead of 20 % you will earn 90%! And there is nothing Jack can do about it.

Will you TREAT Stingy Jack?

Sell Jack on a marketplace that RESPECT on-chain creator royalty & revenue model and you can TREAT Jack and honor his vision. (we are actively looking for such marketplaces!)

Will you HODL a Stingy Jack to join the StingyDAO?

And join the conversation on whether Web3 should realy be permissionless for creators?

🎃 OFFICIAL LINK — crypto-z.com

🎃 Stingy Roadmap — ORANGEPAPER

🎃 LENS — @crypto-z.lens


🎃 Crypto-Z Season 1 on SPOTIFY



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